About Band-Aids

Creating Once-In-A-Lifetime Experiences

Band-Aids is a 501c3 Nonprofit Organization that was founded to honor a very special client that touched not only Attorney Michael Pisanchyn’s heart, but each of our hearts at The Pisanchyn Law Firm. The organization supports children and adults with special needs who have a love of music by providing them once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

“I was at a concert and saw a young girl with special needs sitting in the corner of a stadium and all I could think was, that looks like Barbie! I remembered how much everyone that knew her spoke of her love music.”

“As soon as the band started this young girl lit up and began dancing along. Her mother told us how much she loved music and how she really came to life when she heard this band. It reminded me even more of Barbie and how everyone that met her shared what a love she had for music; country music especially.”
-Attorney Michael J. Pisanchyn, Jr.; Founder, Band-Aids Inc.; Owner, The Pisanchyn Law Firm

Band-Aids aims to provide those with special needs access to their favorite bands and musicians, up close and personal. Not all concert venues accommodate wheelchairs and handicap attendees to the best of their abilities. Some venues will have a row dedicated for handicap attendees very close to the stage while others the handicap section is quite far away. Band-aids will purchase VIP tickets for selected special needs concert goers, supply them with $200 dollars to spend on merchandise and food and will initiate a meet and greet if the band/performer is willing.

We invite you to contact to us at info@band-aids.org for more information.